Chapter 1 Datasets

The examples in this book use a number of freely available datasets. These datasets are described here.

All datasets are available in the rosetta R package as well as in the rosetta jamovi module, as well as directly from the associated GitLab repository at (in the data directory). The direct links to download each dataset will be included with each dataset’s description. Chapter 3 explains how to load datasets.

1.1 pp15: Party Panel 2015

The Party Panel is an annual semi-panel study that maps the determinants of a nightlife-related risk behavior. The aim is to enable selection of (sub-)determinants2 to target in behavior change interventions. In 2015, the target behaviors were related to using a high dose of MDMA. MDMA, or 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, is the active ingredient in tablets sold as ecstasy. In the Netherlands, the dose of MDMA per tablet increased radically from the nineties, when around 90% of the ecstasy pills contained less than 100 mg of MDMA, to the 2010s, when less than 10% of the ecstasy pills contained less than 100 mg of MDMA. Given this rise, there were concerns that the typical ecstasy user had also changed. Prevention professionals were worried that where in the nineties and early 00s, ecstasy users mostly used to feel the euphoric, loving effects of ecstasy, the ecstasy users of the 2010s instead just wanted to get very intoxicated, preferring higher doses over the recommended dosing guidelines of 1-1.5mg of MDMA per kilogram of body weight.

Based on these concerns, a determinant study was designed to measure the determinants of using a high dose of MDMA. The pp15 dataset is a subset of this dataset. Most variables relate to the sub-determinants of the three Reasoned Action Approach variables: attitude, perceived norms, and perceived behavioral control. In addition, the direct measures of those three determinants are included, as well as intention to use a high dose, what participants considered their preferred dose, and what they considered a high dose. In addition, gender, age, work situation, education level, and bodyweight were also measured.

The dataset contains the following variables, with these labels (in English):

column variable
gender Gender
age Age (in years)
hasJob Employment status
jobHours Hours of employment
currentEducation If in education, study type
currentEducation_cat If finished education, study type
prevEducation Categorized current education type
prevEducation_cat Categorized previous education type
xtcUseDoseHigh MDMA dose (in mg) that is considered a high dose
xtcUseDosePref Preferred MDMA dose (in mg)
xtcUsePillHigh Number of pills that is considered a high dose
xtcUsePillPref Preferred number of pills
weight_other Body weight (in kg)
highDose_intention RAA intention: planning to
highDose_attitude RAA intention: want to
highDose_perceivedNorm RAA intention: expect to
highDose_pbc Intention frequency: number of times
highDose_IntentionRAA_intention Intention frequency: multiplier
highDose_IntentionRAA_want Attitude (direct): bad-good
highDose_IntentionRAA_expectation Attitude (direct): unpleasant-pleasant
highDose_IntentionFrq_freq.0 Attitude (direct): dumb-smart
highDose_IntentionFrq_freq.1 Attitude (direct): unhealthy-healthy
highDose_AttGeneral_good Attitude (direct): boring-exciting
highDose_AttGeneral_prettig Injunctive norm (direct): people important to me
highDose_AttGeneral_slim Injunctive norm (direct): people whose opinion I value
highDose_AttGeneral_gezond Descriptive norm (direct): people I respect and admire
highDose_AttGeneral_spannend Descriptive norm (direct): people like me
highDose_NormGeneral_in1 Perceived behavioral control (direct): would not/would be able to
highDose_NormGeneral_in2 Perceived behavioral control (direct): easy-hard
highDose_NormGeneral_dn1 Perceived behavioral control (direct): no/complete control
highDose_NormGeneral_dn2 Perceived behavioral control (direct): no/many external factors
highDose_PBCgeneral_ifwanted Perceived behavioral control (direct): under others’ control/under my control
highDose_PBCgeneral_easy Perceived reasons for using a high dose of MDMA (open question)
highDose_PBCgeneral_control Perceived reasons for not using a high dose of MDMA (open question)
highDose_PBCgeneral_externalFactors Expectation (attitudinal belief): shorter/longer trip
highDose_PBCgeneral_notOnlyMe Expectation (attitudinal belief): less/more intense trip
highDose_OpenWhy Expectation (attitudinal belief): less/more wasted
highDose_OpenWhyNot Expectation (attitudinal belief): less/more energy
highDose_AttBeliefs_long Expectation (attitudinal belief): less/more euphoric
highDose_AttBeliefs_intensity Expectation (attitudinal belief): less/more self-insights
highDose_AttBeliefs_intoxicated Expectation (attitudinal belief): less/more connected to others
highDose_AttBeliefs_energy Expectation (attitudinal belief): easier/harder to make contact
highDose_AttBeliefs_euphoria Expectation (attitudinal belief): feel less/more like sex
highDose_AttBeliefs_insight Expectation (attitudinal belief): forget problems slower/faster
highDose_AttBeliefs_connection Expectation (attitudinal belief): less/more socially isolated
highDose_AttBeliefs_contact Expectation (attitudinal belief): can probe my boundaries worse/better
highDose_AttBeliefs_sex Expectation (attitudinal belief): music sounds worse/better
highDose_AttBeliefs_coping Expectation (attitudinal belief): less/more hallucinations
highDose_AttBeliefs_isolated Expectation (attitudinal belief): time passes slower/faster
highDose_AttBeliefs_boundaries Expectation (attitudinal belief): remember less/more
highDose_AttBeliefs_music Expectation (attitudinal belief): less/more healthy
highDose_AttBeliefs_hallucinate Expectation (attitudinal belief): experience worse/better
highDose_AttBeliefs_timeAwareness Expectation (attitudinal belief): worry less/more physical side effects
highDose_AttBeliefs_memory Expectation (attitudinal belief): worry less/more mental side effects
highDose_AttBeliefs_health Expectation (attitudinal belief): less/more regret
highDose_AttBeliefs_better Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer shorter/longer trip
highDose_AttBeliefs_physicalSideEffects Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer less/more intense trip
highDose_AttBeliefs_psychicSideEffects Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer less/more wasted
highDose_AttBeliefs_regret Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer less/more energy
highDose_AttDesirable_long Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer less/more euphoria
highDose_AttDesirable_intens Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer less/more self-insight
highDose_AttDesirable_intoxicated Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer less/more connection
highDose_AttDesirable_energy Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer less/more contact
highDose_AttDesirable_euphoria Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer feeling like sex less/more
highDose_AttDesirable_insight Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer forgetting problems slower/faster
highDose_AttDesirable_connection Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer feeling less/more isolated
highDose_AttDesirable_contact Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer testing my boundaries less/more
highDose_AttDesirable_sex Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer impure/pure pills
highDose_AttDesirable_coping Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer music sounding worse/better
highDose_AttDesirable_isolated Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer less/more hallucination
highDose_AttDesirable_boundaries Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer time to go slower/faster
highDose_AttDesirable_purity Evaluation (attitudinal belief): prefer remembering less/more
highDose_AttDesirable_music Perceived disapproval/approval from partner
highDose_AttDesirable_hallucinate Perceived disapproval/approval from best friends
highDose_AttDesirable_timeAwareness Perceived disapproval/approval from ecstasy-using friends
highDose_AttDesirable_memory Perceived disapproval/approval from other friends
highDose_NormBeliefs_partner Perceived disapproval/approval from party patrons
highDose_NormBeliefs_bestFriends Perceived disapproval/approval from parents
highDose_NormBeliefs_xtcFriends Perceived disapproval/approval from siblings
highDose_NormBeliefs_otherFriends Motivation to comply with partner
highDose_NormBeliefs_partyPeople Motivation to comply with best friends
highDose_NormBeliefs_parents Motivation to comply with ecstasy-using friends
highDose_NormBeliefs_siblings Motivation to comply with other friends
highDose_NormMTC_partner Motivation to comply with party patrons
highDose_NormMTC_bestFriends Motivation to comply with parents
highDose_NormMTC_xtcFriends Motivation to comply with siblings
highDose_NormMTC_otherFriends Perception that partner never/always uses a high dose
highDose_NormMTC_partyPeople Perception that best friends never/always use a high dose
highDose_NormMTC_parents Perception that ecstasy-using friends never/always use a high dose
highDose_NormMTC_siblings Perception that other friends never/always use a high dose
highDose_DescrNorm_partner Perception that party patrons never/always use a high dose
highDose_DescrNorm_bestFriends Perception that parents never/always use a high dose
highDose_DescrNorm_xtcFriends Perception that siblings never/always use a high dose
highDose_DescrNorm_otherFriends Control belief: declining offer of high dose hard/easy
highDose_DescrNorm_partyPeople Control belief: taking high dose hard/easy
highDose_DescrNorm_parents Control belief: preventing taking high dose hard/easy
highDose_DescrNorm_siblings Control belief: taking high dose once high hard/easy
highDose_ContrBeliefs_sayNo Control belief: preventing high dose once high hard/easy
highDose_ContrBeliefs_highDoseEasy Perception of own tolerance to MDMA low/high
highDose_ContrBeliefs_normalDoseEasy Attitudinal belief product: boundary testing
highDose_ContrBeliefs_easyHighDoseWhenHigh Attitudinal belief product: connection to others
highDose_ContrBeliefs_easyNormalDoWhenHigh Attitudinal belief product: contact with others
highDose_Tolerance_tolerance Attitudinal belief product: forgetting problems
highDose_attProduct_boundaries Attitudinal belief product: energy
highDose_attProduct_connection Attitudinal belief product: euphoria
highDose_attProduct_contact Attitudinal belief product: hallucinations
highDose_attProduct_coping Attitudinal belief product: self-insight
highDose_attProduct_energy Attitudinal belief product: wasted
highDose_attProduct_euphoria Attitudinal belief product: social isolation
highDose_attProduct_hallucinate Attitudinal belief product: trip duration
highDose_attProduct_insight Attitudinal belief product: remembering afterwards
highDose_attProduct_intoxicated Attitudinal belief product: music
highDose_attProduct_isolated Attitudinal belief product: feeling like sex
highDose_attProduct_long Attitudinal belief product: time acceleration
highDose_attProduct_memory Normative belief product: best friends
highDose_attProduct_music Normative belief product: other friends
highDose_attProduct_sex Normative belief product: parents
highDose_attProduct_timeAwareness Normative belief product: partner
highDose_normProduct_bestFriends Normative belief product: party patrons
highDose_normProduct_otherFriends Normative belief product: siblings
highDose_normProduct_parents Normative belief product: ecstasy-using friends
highDose_normProduct_partner Mean of direct RAA intention items
highDose_normProduct_partyPeople Mean of direct RAA attitude items
highDose_normProduct_siblings Mean of direct RAA perceived norm items
highDose_normProduct_xtcFriends Mean of direct RAA perceived behavioral control items
gender_bi Gender, dichotomized into a binary variable
hasJob_bi Employment status, dichotomized into a binary variable

To directly download this dataset, use

  1. In behavior change research, a determinant is a psychological construct that is theoretically postulated to cause behavior, such as “attitude” or “self-efficacy”. A sub-determinant is a determinant that is sufficiently specific to verbalize or visualize, such as “if I exercise every day, I will feel happier” or “if it is raining, I have a hard time pushing myself to go for a run”.↩︎