Chapter 34 Software and technologies

This section lists the technologies and software we use to produce Rosetta Stats.

34.1 Bookdown

This book is produced using Bookdown. Bookdown is a FLOSS R package that takes a set of Markdown files (optionally including R chunks) and renders them into an online book as well as a PDF and EPUB version. The Bookdown book is Open Access and available at

34.2 Zotero

Zotero is an excellent FLOSS reference manager. The references in this book are read from the Zotero group at using Zotero’s API.

34.3 Git

We use git for version control. Git is a decentralized FLOSS version control system.

34.4 GitLab

We use GitLab as a git repository management suite. GitLab is a FLOSS alternative to another well-known git repository management suite, GitHub.

34.5 Greenshot

To create screenshots, you can use the FLOSS package Greenshot:

34.6 Sizer

To realise consistent figure sizes throughout the book, you can use the freeware application Sizer:

It allows you to easily resize a window to 800x600 (or another resolution), for example by pressing the shortcut key (by default, CTRL-WIN-Z).